Optimize Your Teams for Maximum Effectiveness

Spend your team improvement budgets wisely:
  • Determine the training that will increase your team’s productivity
  • Hire new candidates that fit best your existing teams
  • Increase employee retention and team climate
  • Quantify the effectiveness of your training programs
  • If you are not using Cykometrix services, you are falling behind the curve.

Based on over 50 years of human psychology

  • Our process uses powerful correlations in behavioural science, using over 200 published psychology papers and nearly 60 data points.
  • Data collected from team members is used to generate interactive, dynamic services allowing organizations to adjust team dynamics, improve productivity and anticipate risk.
  • Our Pulses allow you to benchmark team characteristics, improve and then measure soft skill and improvements in team dynamics.

How It Works For Organizations

Contact Us

Once you’ve contacted us, one of our experts will contact you to answer your questions, create your account and help you set up your teams.

Teams Get Tested

Our automated system emails the people who will be tested.

Monitor progress

Using your dashboard account, see who has completed the tests and who is lagging behind. Issue reminders at your own pace.

Close a Pulse

When satisfied with the tests taken, close the Pulse and gather the reports.

Dynamics and Evolution

Use our Team Dynamics, Team Evolution and Dynamics Engine services to find the next ideal team member, the perfect team hierarchy for highest team effectiveness and view dozens of other reports.

Even More

We are deep psychometrics, EI, and Risk Management experts. Call us to help you interpret your results, plan your business continuity, operational preparedness and risk management tasks.


Immediately identify which team member, staff combination, or circumstance can impact your team’s effectiveness and performance with dozens of simple colored reports.

Our reports tell you exactly where and how you should focus team efforts and training, saving time and money.

Motivate, train, and adjust your teams using Pulses that give timestamped snapshots of your team’s progress.

Different Types of Reports

Explore the Psychometrics

Cognition Empathy Execution Dependability Collaboration Presence Leadership

Improve your operational efficiency.

Access your reports from anywhere, from individual results, to team health, full 360° employee evaluations. Engage us for in depth analysis of risk factors. Communicate more clearly, implement changes, improve the dynamic.